Drangons Fang

From the journal of Faceless Jack
Meeting an old friend

The 11th moon of June From being on a ship, to a cut-purse in the city of Crestfallen. The only thing that amazes me even more is who it brings back into your life. Today I was in the pretty maiden nursing a brew, when who should walk in but my old buddy Orgoth. Turns out the old brute is working in an adventuring group now. He and his buddies wanted to get hold of the Dragons tooth in Thane Chevkos’ treasure. They plan was to sneak in through the ball that he was having and I would sneak their armor in through the service entrance. The fools got themselves arrested, some people need to leave thieving to the Thieves.

It amazes me where life will take someone like me.

Faceless Jack


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