A goliath Barbaian with an inquenchable bloodlust.


HP:62 Spd:5 AC:28 Fort:21 Ref:14 Will:16

Equipment: Shared Suffering Armor Lifedrinker Execution axe +1 Gauntlets of Ogre Power Belt of Vigor Bracers of Mighty


Orgoth was employed on the Sailing ship Esperanto. The Captain called his job “public relations. While his big size and big axe kept negotiations smooth, he was also used as entertainment in the form of wrestling sharks. It seemed like the perfect job, until the crew tried to mutiny. When the mutiny went south the crew placed the blame on Orgoth, saying he threatened them to do so. While the captain did not believe that Orgoth had had any part of the mutiny, he could not afford to appear weak to his crew, so he kicked Orgoth off the boat. He became an adventurer after that.


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