Mitsuhide Yamagachi

An Elven Paladin of Bahamut.


HP:66 Spd:5 AC:23 Fort:21 Ref:16 Will:18

Equipment: Warding symbol of Divinity Rimefire Plate Armor Amulet of Life+1 Challenge Seeking Fullblade +2


Mitsuhide is a Paladin trained from the east. In a dream he saw a vision of the Dragon Bahamut flying to the west and took it as a sign. Arriving in the western land of Bauldur he was shocked to discover that the church of Bahamut had dissolved, and he was considered the worshiper of an old and lost god. He considered giving up on his faith, until he met the invoker, Mavin.

Mitsuhide Yamagachi

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