An elf witch who gets her power from a comit.


HP:51 Spd:7 AC:18 Fort:16 Ref:16 Will:16

Equipment: Quickcurse Rod +2 Dagger Gambler’s suit Leather Armor Amulet of Life +1 Scroll of Fey Passage


Essence grew up in the wilds with her tribe. She was charged as a scout to her clan to scour the forest for food and supplies. Upon one scouting trip she discovered a rock, when she picked it up it vibrated in her hand. When she took it back to her tribe, they condemned her as a witch. Fearing persecution she ran from the forest. Upon entering a nearby city, she discovered it was a chunk of a comet, which she has named Tinta. She made a pact with Tinta and has gained power from it.

Soon after she gave up her pact with Tinta to enter into a pact with Thane Calack in order to gain more powers. She is now in his service.


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